Senioritis Plagues Class of ’13

April 10, 2013


Sweat pants, uncombed hair, apathetic attitude, low grades, constant repetition of the phrase “I don’t care anymore.” All are common symptoms of senioritis. This phenomenon typically occurs in ages 16 through 18.

According to senior Anna Morgan, after three years of high school, seniors take their last year to relax and evaluate the next step of their lives.

“I’m not doing anything anymore,” Morgan said. “I feel like it doesn’t matter anymore because I’ve already been accepted into colleges. I don’t even try to dress cute anymore. I reached the point where I just want to get out of here.”

Although some seniors believe their senior year grades do not matter, Rice University Associate Director of Admissions Sarah Fischer disproves this myth.

“A student’s admission to Rice is contingent upon his or her continuing the high level of academic achievement and personal conduct that led to his or her acceptance,” Fischer said. “Misconduct of any sort or a decline in academic performance prior to a student’s matriculation may be grounds to rescind the offer of admission. When Rice reviews a student’s transcript, we take a variety of factors into consideration, including a student’s grade trend, overall GPA and strength of high school curriculum.“

Like many other colleges, Rice requires students to submit a copy of their first semester senior year grades as well as a final transcript before enrolling. Senior Grace Choi said she is not worried about her final transcript jeopardizing her enrollment at the University of Texas.

“I’m not going to let my grades go down to the point where that may be problem,” Choi said. “I may procrastinate more, but I still do my work. I used to start my homework right as I got home, but now I will start it around seven. To some degree I still care. I still want to look presentable and straighten my hair every day. ”

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