College Applications: Benefits of college

December 27, 2014

Financial concerns and a struggling job market have led to some wondering if college is even worth the heavy price. Still, others argue that a college education is the best option.

“College is the only place where you can get this specific experience,” Walker said. “I want to be able to absorb as much as I can and learn as many different things I can while I’m there, and I don’t think that’s possible anywhere else.”

College also gives students solid foundations for when they step into their careers and professional lives.

“I really want to get into a good English program so I can write or work in the publishing industry,” Bazemore said. “A beneficial part of college is getting different perspectives and connecting with people in the field I want to go into.”

Although the benefits of a college degree and experience may outweigh the cons for some, others argue that there are better alternatives for those who might not want to be white-collar workers.

“If a student wants to go into a trade profession, then college might be a waste of time,” AP U.S. History teacher David Schnettler said. “Those hands-on skills can be learned through experience or a trade school. Of course, it depends on the individual.

Senior Raquel Freese, who aspires to go into teaching, would not be able to go into her field of choice without a college education and degree.

“I think college gives students better job opportunities and confidence,” she said. “I would encourage others to pursue higher education because they’ll see the benefits later in their lives.”

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