Junior Gabriel Gomez watches a lesson in the library at his own pace, a benefit of blended classes.

Sydney Sokora / Legacy Media

Junior Gabriel Gomez watches a lesson in the library at his own pace, a benefit of blended classes.

Changing Education Expectations

Blended classes to offer new learning experiences, independence

Next year, blended courses will be offered by the district at the high school level. Blended classes are a mixture of the traditional face-to-face instruction combined with online lectures. Blended classes will give students a new experience in learning, and benefit our education system because it offers a new way to collect student intel and gives students a sense of individuality.

Blended classes are one way to make learning more engaging. It is not easy to sit down in a desk for almost an hour reading page after page of a textbook or listening to a teacher lecture. With blended classes, a student can enjoy the activities that comes with the lessons and be more involved with the things they are learning.

Another benefit of blended classes is that it gives students a break from the traditional classroom setting. Some go at a slower pace, while others learn the material rather quickly and are ready to move on to the next lesson. One of the beauties of blended classes is that students move at their own individual pace and take ownership in learning. Different people have different learning methods and paces they take in order to process different information.

Some say students will get off-task. However, the online videos can be accessed anywhere and anytime so students have the opportunity to go back and take whatever notes they missed. While blended classes offer a new way for students to learn, it is ultimately the student’s responsibility to pay attention and make an effort to pass their classes.

Blended classes offer a different experience that may provide students the chance to choose an alternative way to learn. While these classes may take some time to adjust to, blended classes providing opportunity for students to play a bigger role in their education.

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