Baker by Name Baker by Heart

Junior runs baking business, follows her family’s footsteps


Jenna Chandler / Legacy Media

Junior Abbey Baker vuts into a pie. Along with pies and cakeballs, Baker also makes cakes and cupcakes for her business.

The sweet scent of cake fills the kitchen as she waits patiently for the batter to finish baking. She prepares for what comes next and gathers bowls, sticks and candy coating, so she can begin the 12 hour process of making cake balls.

Junior Abbey Baker started baking at the age of three and has since started her own business.

“My dad’s a chef and all my cousins are all bakers and chefs to,” Baker said. “I didn’t play with dolls or anything when I was little. I had an easy bake oven instead.”

Baker continued to bake and in the first three weeks of her business she made $2,000.

“The first thing I had from Abbey were her cake balls,” junior Michael Miller said. “I used to buy Oreo [cake balls] from her and she used to have red velvet. They are amazing. She makes them herself and it takes hours.”

Baker said the most memorable experience she made with her baking business was making 600 cake balls for a wedding. She said that most of her business comes from cake balls, but she likes baking other things as well.

“I like making croissants and pastries and I like making crème brulee,” Baker said.  “I also like to make cakes. I’m really good at icing cakes.”

Art teacher Kristen Robison said she is very impressed that Baker is into working in something she really loves.

“I thought it was pretty impressive that in high school [she] is working towards something [she] might like to do as a career, something [she] really loves,” Robison said.

Baker said she wants to make a career out of baking.

“I’d love to have a bakery,” Baker said. “Everyone always says I should and I just love baking. It wouldn’t be work, if I got to do what I wanted to do all day.”