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The Student News Site of Klein Collins High School

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The Student News Site of Klein Collins High School

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Created in Canva by Mia Trujillo
Movie Review Coming 2024
Mia Trujillo, Reporting • January 17, 2024

With a wide variety of different new and creative movies and films announced to come in 2024, there’s a movie for anyone and everyone.(!) Musicals,...

Made on Canva by Emma Bohmann
Focus on 2024
Emma Bohmann, Editor • January 12, 2024

The first few days of January each year are full of promise. The glittering Times Square ball drops, and everyone begins making their resolutions...

Created through Canva by Emma Bohmann
The Impact of FCA
Denesia Gibson, Editor and Reporter • January 12, 2024

     Our school has done a marvelous thing by incorporating students' beliefs and faith not only into sports, but their daily lives as well...

Digital Hall Passes Create Challenges For Students

     The E-Hall Passes can be viewed two ways. The truth is, the program was enforced to help the environment around Klein Collins and to...

KC Band places 4th overall in Baytown

The band’s 2023 show “Connecting The Dots” consists of musical selections from “A Kaleidoscope of Mathematics” by James Horner, “Fantastical...

Inside Scoop With Tiger Mascot
Katelyn Johnson, Reporter • October 27, 2023

Mascots are a crucial part of high school as they create an identity for the school while bringing it to life. The mascot creates a sense of...

Vacation, no matter how short, works
Mia Trujillo, Reporter • October 27, 2023

With the newly added Fall Break, students appreciate the ability to relax, not think about school, and go on vacations for a week. While some...

Is Autumn the Underrated Movie Season?
Emma Bohmann, Reporter • November 17, 2023

As October comes to a close and Texas finally cools down, the weather and leaves aren’t the only things changing for the fall. Although Christmas...

'Bandtober' not quite over despite loss at area
Emma Bohmann, Reporter • October 23, 2023

Any student who has been to enough football games knows how large of a role the marching band plays in generating the energy of the night. Not...

Go big or go homecoming
Emma Bohmann, Editor and Reporter • October 2, 2023

Everything is always bigger in Texas, and this includes high school homecoming season. Mums the size of your face (and sometimes larger), packed...

School spirit on fire
Katelyn Johnson, Reporter • August 30, 2023

Every school believes they have what it takes to be the best, but having that one school who you can’t wait to beat truly changes the experience....

Astros: Off Season
Jessica Nettles, Staffer • January 20, 2023

There are over 76 days until the 2023 baseball season begins, and this offseason has been eventful with  trades and significant signings. The...

Playoff Bound, Again
Astros win homefield advantage in AL playoff series
MLB Lockout: the facts and fury that you need to know.

Six weeks after the Major League Baseball (MLB) lockout, which started on Dec. 2, little progress has been made. A Major League Baseball Lockout...


Student Resources Available
Katelyn Johnson, Reporter • October 4, 2023

A counselor’s job is to help the students who feel overwhelmed or have struggles with balancing the responsibilities of high school.  They...

Teacher Highlights

Alexa Thibodeaux is the assistant band director at Klein Collins. She graduated from the University of Houston, and came to KC after teaching...

Teacher Highlights

Brittany Henry is a fierce, loyal, and inspiring teacher who has been in the Klein district for 13 years. Although teaching wasn’t her...

Teacher Highlights

There seems to be a misconception held among a majority of students that the best teachers are the ones who permit excess slack. Without...

Carlos Correa handing out mattresses to kids who lost theirs in flood.
Carlos Correa: A Houston Star on and off the Field
Jessica Nettles, Staffer • November 10, 2021

Correa is one of the top shortstops in baseball, known for making flashy plays and getting clutch hits. While the rest of the baseball world sees him for his plays, Houston fans see...

A look inside the show; 'Moon over Buffalo'
Denesia Gibson, Reporter • October 4, 2023

For the senior cast and crew, “Moon over Buffalo” is their last fall show, but for all players it’s a bittersweet feeling.  “It feels...

Alexa Play "Love Language" By Ariana Grande
The most common love languages are words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, acts of service, and physical touch.
Movie Review: "M3GAN"

“M3gan '' is a horror/mystery movie released on Jan. 6th of this year, earning $30.4 million in the U.S. box office. This movie has been the...

Technicians set the scene for upcoming musical ‘Sister Act’
As for our drama department’s current production, Sister Act, opening January 26, there are tons of talented, hardworking technicians who make up at least half of the company.