Orchestra becomes largest in district


Reaching 205 students, the school now hosts the largest orchestra program in the district.

The top two groups, chamber and symphonic, traveled to seven different elementary schools zoned to attend the school in the future. While at the elementary schools, the orchestra played a concert in hopes of encouraging future musicians to get involved in the program.

“I call it the circle,” orchestra director Carlos Lara said. “Many of our students were once at that point, a fifth grader listening to high school student’s play. Then the circle continues, it’s really a neat thing.”

Lara also said he has seen many of the current students in orchestra grow up together in the program. Orchestra gave them one more thing to have in common, and like a family the program continued to get bigger and bigger.

“We’ve seen the program go from a 120 student program to 205,” said Lara. “I always tell people that I’m blessed to have my job.”

The orchestra ranked 6th in state 2010 and 3rd in state in 2011 for the Honor Full Orchestra Competition. The orchestra also consistently brings home sweepstakes awards from UIL.

“I think it’s great to be the biggest orchestra program in the district,” Assistant director Kirk Jones said. “It’s only going to get better.