Ongoing kenya stand-off leaves 72 dead


At least 72 dead bodies lie in the ruins of the Kenya mall.  With a fire toppling a large portion of the building, the siege has ended.  The group responsible is the Al-Shabab from Somalia.  With the death toll and over 175 reported injured, the event has become a global crisis.

The Al- Shabab terrorist group has been engaged in conflict with Kenya for over two years.  Somalia, the country that Al-Shabab was based, has been the recipient a foreign invasion from Kenya.  To send a message to their invaders, the Al-Shabab struck.  Around noon on Saturday, multiple masked men entered the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya.  Upon entrance, the men began firing automatic weapons and throwing grenades at customers.  On Saturday night, the attackers were confined to the third floor and were keeping a number of hostages.  On Sunday, Kenyan forces had rescued over 1,000 hostages.  On Monday afternoon, as casualties numbered on both sides of the turmoil, the fight began to come to an end.  Then, on Tuesday afternoon, an ongoing fire in the mall collapsed three floors of the building.

Authorities will continue to search the ruins for survivors.  The Kenyan government will pursue their invasion of Somalia and bring those responsible to justice.