Color Guard prepares for Nationals


Rowan Moncur / Legacy Media

Color Guard practices after school for competition.

After tirelessly practicing for competition over the summer, the color guard team is now prepared for their April competition in Dayton, Ohio.

Endless hours. Going non-stop, Sophomore Christian Hulsart knows the stakes are high this year.

“We practice eight hours a week, an hour and a half each day afterschool, and work hard to do our best,” Hulsart said.

With expectations set high this year, many things are racing through each members head. Not only is the color guard trying to achieve a higher rank in state, but they are also go further than they did last year. For each student, including junior Brianna Cubias, this is very important.

“Our main goal is to get a higher rank than last year, but we would be more than excited if we were able to go all the way,” Cubias said.

The team is perfecting every move, making sure that their performance is crisp and clean, so they can beat their old rank. Synchronized movements are extremely important and are corrected during practice. It is important that senior Andrew Junek gets his moves perfect this year.

“We are more focused on our movements,” Junek said. “We are trying to make sure that each move looks in sync and in harmony.”

Color guard is also trying to improve their work as a team. For Junek and his fellow teammates, working well together is crucial.

“For a team that’s together almost every day, I would say that we work together very well,” Junek said. “I know that I can depend on my team for anything.”