Egyptian protest leaves 53 dead


53 North African citizens were killed in the streets of Egypt on Oct. 6.  Egyptian were participating in anti-government protests in Egypt when they were attacked by government officials, killing at least 53 and injuring 268 across the country.

Egypt has been war torn for an extended period of time.  After their most recent revolution ended on Feb. 11, 2012, with President Mubarak resigning from presidency, they democratically elected Mohamed Morsi.  Then, on July 3 of this year, President Morsi was taken from his position by the Muslim Brotherhood and it has yet to be filled.  The citizens were protesting against the government on the anniversary of the 1973 War on Oct. 6, which was when Egypt and Syria attacked Israeli territories.  All across the country citizens were in the streets celebrating and protesting.  Security resorted to tear gas and murder to push back the thousands of protestors across the nation.

The citizens of Egypt have retreated for now.  Whether or not peace will come for the North African country is uncertain.