Hungry o’ clock

Student expresses disdain for lack of lunch time

Over 1,000 hungry students wait anxiously in line to be fed. The smell of food begins to dominate their sense of smell and hunger begins to grow with every tick of the clock. After all, there are only 25 minutes allotted for this treasured time of the day. Lunch.

Students are not provided with enough time to eat. The time allotted is much too short for the amount of students that need to be fed and without enough time, the lunch the students paid for ends up being wasted money.

Only 25 minutes to get to a seat and wait in line is not enough. By the time the students get from class to the cafeteria, the lines are trailing off to the middle of the room. The waiting should not have to be necessary. With the school holding 3500 students and 1100 to 1300 in each lunch, there is not enough time to feed all of the students in the scarce amount of time provided. Students should be allotted enough time to eat without having to worry about being tardy or whether or not they had enough food to last them the rest of the day.

Noah Sanchez / Staff Writer

Since time is not provided, money is wasted also. A quick survey around the lunch room shows that more than half of the student body purchases a school lunch. If the amount of time allotted does not fit the needs of the students, then it just wastes the student’s money. There would be no point in even getting a lunch if there was no time provided to eat it. Some parents even take the time to buy their son or daughter a lunch and bring it to them at school, but the five dollar lunch of love that the parents purchased suddenly becomes introduced to the trash-can if time is not provided.

Perhaps more food lines would be helpful or maybe more staff. Our school schedule could be modified to fit the student’s needs and hopefully help the issue with the time that seems to affect everyone. Overall, if the school provides lunches for the students, the school needs to provide enough time for students to actually eat the lunch. The long lines and waiting needs to stop, the student body needs their food.