Dreams come true

Student encourages others to achieve greatness

From the time a person is very young, they are asked about what they want to be when they grow up. I have experienced this several times, especially now that I am a senior in high school. When asked this as a young child, a few of the standard answers are rock star, actor and president. Although many people laugh at these answers and brush them off, the child is very serious about their answer.

I believe that most people tell children and others that it is impossible to reach their dreams because they are too afraid to chase after their own or failed when they tried. However, I think it is crucial to have a child-like innocence when it comes to following dreams. There are many examples of people who have reached their goals on their own, becoming successful. Quite a few rappers produce songs that convey messages dealing with climbing the ladder from rags to riches and many famous actors and actresses such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Demi Moore grew up poor. I would assume that these successful people did not listen to any of the negative feedback coming from adults or other sources.

Although I am practical, I have always dreamed about making it in the music industry as a well-known singer. I began taking voice lessons and singing publicly when I was eight years old and have always thought of myself as having a career in music. As when I was younger, when I tell people this now, they sometimes laugh at me or brush it off and tell me to try something else. Still, I like to keep in mind that if everyone in the world allowed negative thoughts to affect them, there would not be any great individual successes in life. I know that if I never lose sight of my dreams and goals, there will always be a possibility of them coming true.