The Secret Life of Super Shows

Student shares thoughts on new generation of superhero shows

Superhero shows such as Jessica Jones and Gotham provide a kind of new life for beloved characters.

Michelle Abrams / Legacy Media

Superhero shows such as “Jessica Jones” and “Gotham” provide a kind of new life for beloved characters.

“Daredevil,” “Supergirl,” “Agents of Shield,” “Flash,” “Jessica Jones” and “Gotham,” the list goes on and on for the number of superhero comics turned into TV shows. Some look at these shows with a mistrusting eye based on either a bad past experience, or have adopted the closed-minded thought process that comics should be kept in their plastic sleeves. Without even giving these shows a chance to prove themselves, people discard them into the void. However if people take the time, they will find that these shows are pure gold.

While big screen counterparts are unable to fully delve into thick plot lines, superhero TV shows can. These shows present a broader picture of the original comic, providing viewers with more insight, emotion and plotlines to create more vivid characters and worlds.

Some shows even create their own plots and new characters to tell an original story. It sounds unsettling, since there is obviously room for failure, but some of these original stories are very different in a good way. Instead of the same old boring plot that most experience while watching superhero movies, the plot is filled with fresh new characters and ideas. This is seen in the newest show to hit the screen, “Supergirl.”

The story follows Kara Danvers, also known as Supergirl, and her adventures fine-tuning her abilities, protecting the human race, keeping her identity a secret and fighting villains, both alien and human. While the TV show shares some of the same aspects of the original comic series, it strays in several key ways. An example of one of the differences is the background of Supergirl. In the TV show, Supergirl was supposed to escape planet Krypton and protect her infant cousin, Superman, on Earth. While en route to Earth, Supergirl’s spacecraft gets stuck in the “Phantom Zone,” for 24 years. When she finally reaches Earth, Superman is an adult and she has no idea how to control her powers. This contradicts the comics, where Supergirl is from Argo City, the only city to survive the explosion of Krypton, and is sent to Earth to live with her cousin Superman in order to escape the fate of, once again, a dying planet. These differences give viewers something to look forward to, since the show does not follow the original, predictable, plotline and add extra suspense and mystery to the show.

One can never have too many superhero TV shows. They are exciting tales filled with mystery that spice up our boring everyday lifestyles, also known as, life without awesome powers. These shows bring others together and give people a sense of unity at the coming together of the human race, and other non-human beings, to fight against the dark forces of evil running rampant on Earth.

Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and different people enjoy different things, but if you give these shows a chance, you might find yourself super-attached to these super shows.