Pack the stands

Tips and tricks to make your high school fan experience a memorable one


Hannah McGee / Legacy Media

Students cheer for the football team during kickoff.

Game Etiquette

We are in Texas, high school football is a big deal here. To keep with tradition, follow these six simple steps to cheer your team to victory.
Do not travel with the pack of familiar faces all the way up to the top of the bleachers. The idea is to be able to see action happening on the field so do not be afraid to pick a spot down low.
The only acceptable time to sit down is during half-time. That is, of course, if the concessions are not calling your name. Stand up and take part in cheering on the team.
Unless Mom is waiting outside, that text can wait. Pay attention, no one wants to answer the question “wait, what just happened?,” multiple times.
People get loud, follow their lead. If you can still talk in the morning, try harder.
Enthusiasm is key. Do the cheers and get excited over a touchdown.
Although it is encouraged that spectators be a lively bunch, there is no need to run around like a lunatic. Draw the line at a respectable spot.

What to wear:

  • A type of school shirt or school colors for spirit
  • Comfortable shoes to stand and jump in

What to bring:

  • Ticket or money to purchase one at the gate
  • Money for snacks
  • A jacket or blanket for cool weather
  • Sunglasses or a cap for warm weather
  • Small umbrella for chances of rain

*Note: Girls- Purses can be difficult to keep up with, a wristlet is recommended. Guys- wristlets are optional.