Students encouraged to enter art and writing awards


Olivia Borg / Legacy Media

Students at national level have the opportunity of winning gold, silver or bronze medals.

The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards hosted by the Harris County Department of Education gives young artists an opportunity to showcase their talents and receive recognition. Students of any grade level can enter, helping them qualify for several scholarships.

English teacher Kimberly Drain encourages all students to participate, saying this can be a defining moment in their careers.

“It’s a very exciting opportunity for students who are creative writers and don’t always get the opportunity to share their work,” Drain said. “The awards are about excellence, which means perfection, so students are pushing to be the best version of themselves.”

Senior Deepali Bhandari was first inspired to enter by Drain, and feels thankful for the opportunity.

“When I was in Mrs. Drain’s English class, I turned in an assignment and she really liked my work,” Bhandari said. “I ended up submitting it and won a silver key, which I’m extremely proud of.”

Students first enter to win regional awards sponsored by the Harris County Department of education. If they receive a gold key at regionals, they are then entered on the National level where they have the opportunity to win either a bronze, silver or gold medal. Students who reach the National level also automatically receive several scholarships to art and writing programs across the nation. Drain has seen students move on to the national level and is honored to have helped them reach their goals.

“It’s so exciting to see students succeed,” Drain said. “I know these awards are a big moment for the kids, so knowing that they’ll remember this forever is such an honor.”

Bhandari feels that the awards are an amazing opportunity for students to enhance and improve their talents.

“Through this competition, students not only explore their writing, but they’re able to explore themselves,” she said. “At the awards they showed us examples of other winners and it just inspired me and made me want to be better. It’s an amazing opportunity.”

The deadline for the competition is Dec. 15 and students are encouraged to enter here.