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Sanah Jivani

Sanah Jivani, Print Editor-in-Chief

My name is Sanah and I’m so happy to be this year’s print editor-in-chief. I could start listing facts about myself and use smooth transitions to make it all fit together, but I’ll make this a little more interesting. I’ll tell you a story.
I love ice cream more than I love most things. The flavors, the toppings, everything that comes with it just brings me joy beyond anything I could ever imagine. I’m a big fan of metaphors and ice-cream (probably my two favorite things ever), so my freshman year I would always compare my life to an ice-cream shop.
I would think about all of the flavors, all of the uniqueness, all of the endless possibilities. And then I would think about myself. And I always compared myself to vanilla.
Plain, boring (no offense to all of you vanilla lovers out there), vanilla with no toppings. Just ordinary. At least that’s what my insecure freshman self thought.
One day I realized that I wasn’t actually vanilla, I was just settling for vanilla. In reality, I could be whatever flavor I wanted, with whatever toppings I wanted.
Moral of the story: All of your life, people could call you boring. They could call you insignificant, unimportant and make you doubt your worth. Truth is, that’s life. Over and over again you will find yourself consumed in self-doubt, insecurity and hopelessness. I know I did, until I learned not to settle. I learned to define my worth, build myself and not be afraid of what people thought. I learned to step out of my comfort zone, make new friends and go for dreams that seem out of reach.
So, here I am after my four-year climb to the top. In no way am I perfect, or even close. My life is still a mixture of having it all together and feeling completely lost. Of knowing exactly what to say and not being able to speak a word. Of feeling extremely in touch with my emotions and having no idea of what I’m feeling. It’s a mess, but it’s my beautiful mess that I couldn’t be more in love with.

All content by Sanah Jivani
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