Three in one ’15

January 6, 2015

This year the Masterworks concert took place on Thursday December 18th, at the Cypress Creek Christian community center. Orchestra director Carlos Lara believes that the participation this year made the event more special than ever.

“This year the involvement, the number of people participating and the actual masterwork itself is what it set it apart,” Lara said. “This is different than anything we’ve ever done, or anything any high school has ever done.”

The concert consists of pieces performed by the band, choir and orchestra separately along with a finale of all three performing together. This year the main feature was Beethoven Ode to Joy performed by the top groups of each musical organization. Since each organization must prepare a piece, the students have been spending long hours practicing for this event.

“I think the students have definitely worked hard,” assistant orchestra director Karie Norman said. “We’ve prepared them a lot during sectionals and in class.”

This is the second annual masterworks concert. Lara hopes the tradition will continue and feels that the hard work put in by students make the event successful.

“These kids have put in several hours of rehearsal each,” Lara said. “We’ve had everything from classroom to after school rehearsals to help them prepare for the event.”

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