Part 1: Study Shows Celebrity News Dominating Press

Preoccupation with celebrities is nothing new in the American society.  According to People Press, when it comes time to point fingers, 54 percent of Americans blame news organizations for the extensive amount of celebrity news coverage. The only stories not relating to celebrities to get a decent amount of views are those about scandal, wars and death.

The media’s obsession with celebrities is clear through the 87 percent of people who believe that celebrity news is covered too much, claims People Press.

“Celebrities are just glamorized human beings that have a job that showcases them, and it is thrilling for someone to try and relate themselves to a person who is so idolized,” freshman Carleigh Newland said. “I try to stay away from magazines and tabloids, because I think it is pointless to read them. The people that I would be reading about and so many look up to are just flesh and blood like the rest of us.”

Infographic by Terry Jones

Junior Maximilian Zhang says that celebrity news is a great opportunity for news organizations to increase revenue.

“Celebrities are covered so much in the news because news organizations know that celebrities draw in the public’s attention,” Zhang said. “News outlets take the obsession that our society has with celebrities and uses it as a chance to make money.”

Knowing what is going on in the celebrity world is a must in today’s society said senior Mia Ciaramitaro.

“Paying attention to celebrity news is inevitable because it is all over the magazines at the store and news channels,” Ciaramitaro said. “It is being forced on us whether we like it or not.”

According to People Press, every 10 percent of Americans claim positive things that are happening in the country are not being paid enough attention to.  Newland says that real news is, at times, just too sad to watch.

“I try to keep up with the actual news, but the stories are often scary,” Newton said. “I think that, as a country, we have a tendency to highlight the bad news. It is upsetting to know that there is a ton of good going on in this world that is being looked over, because it does not draw in enough views.  There needs to be a better balance between tear-jerkers and smile-worthy news.”

Zhang actively keeps up with real news and says that not many of his friends share this interest.

“I pay attention to actual news because it doesn’t center around the wealthy and famous, but it informs us about the events happening around the world,” Zhang said. “I want to always be aware of what is taking place in the world, whether good or unfortunate. Too often, teenagers are ignorant towards decisions in the government or tragedies happening outside of their neighborhoods. This is why some many go into a shock when they enter the real world.”

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