Dear Confused


Hi! My bestfriend and her boyfriend are very touchy. I could be talking to her and he comes up and is all kissy-kissy with her and it makes me VERY uncomfortable. What should I do?

Dear Confused,

I can see how that would make you feel uncomfortable. Relationships in high school are a big deal for a lot of people because sometimes it’s the first serious relationship they’ve ever been in. She probably really likes him, which causes them to act like that. I think you should talk to her and let her know how it makes you feel. Most likely, she’s so caught up in the relationship that when he’s around she doesn’t even notice her surroundings. If you talk to her and let her know how your feeling, then she’ll know to pay more attention to the people around her. If it’s making you uncomfortable, it’s likely that it’s making others uncomfortable as well, so it’s best if you let her know how you’re feeling. Communication is key, so don’t be afraid to talk to her. She’s your best friend, you should always be comfortable around her. You never know how long her and her boyfriend are going to stay together, so you should let them know as soon as you can so they know what to work on.

Best of luck,