Pop culture goes wild

Pop culture is headed in a negative not-so-entertaining direction. In magazines, we are constantly reading celebrity news and the latest celebrity scandals. Music used to something that people could turn to for positivity, but now, not so much.

Present-day celebrities are crossing the line with their words and actions. They need to realize that children and teenagers look at them as role models. Some celebrities need to take an outside look on their public actions and slow it down for a little bit. For example, Miley Cyrus: she can sing and act, but while transitioning from her sweet, innocent character of Hannah Montana, she has turned into wild, crazy, party girl. She is only one of the many stars in the public eye that has gone wild.

Music was once a source of positivity but, now the lyrics alone are full of negativity. They are basically random, inappropriate verses about drugs, alcohol, and other things that do not need to be broadcasted to the entire world.

On the brightside, not everything is negative. There are some celebrities that are handling their transitions into adulthood properly. Selena Gomez is a good example of one of those few who are making good choices on what they do in the public eye, but for the most part, young stars are doing some crazy things. Just this past week, Justin Bieber got “tired” and asked his body guards to carry him up the Great Wall of China.

If only today’s pop culture and, what feels like just yesterday’s pop culture, could just mix and bring back what used to be. Do not get me wrong, the music, fashion, scandals, and trends are in a twisted way mildly entertaining. They are just not as tasteful as they were just a few years ago.