Too much work, too little time

Students have no time for themselves, or to finish their work

Say goodbye to loved ones and prepare to disappear because a familiar pile of homework is preparing to once again, take hold of another hostage. Homework takes over the average teenager’s life because every teacher believes that each student only has one class, leaving the students no time for themselves or for extracurricular activities.

Late grades, messy papers and missing files are something that each student experiences at some point. The vast amount of work leaves students feeling frustrated, stressed and helpless. Throughout the day, students are handed various assignments that differ in rigor and length. Though these assignments may not be much on their own, by 2:25 they have somehow added up to an ever-growing pile of tedious worksheets that need to get done.

Noah Sanchez / Staff Writer

With the amount of time spent on homework, no time is left social activities or outings. Student’s sacred social lives must be sacrificed for a decent grade. The clubs and organizations that look fun and inviting end up being only a distant dream that students wish were a reality. This happens because too much work prevents them from getting the full experience of high school that they deserve. Working fast and hard will be the only way that students are able to take part in everything that they want to, but the stress of trying to get everything done in time to attend the meeting can be too much.

Time, deadlines and stress are constants in a student’s life. With so much work and so little time to do it, success is something that appears unattainable. Teachers need to realize that making everything due the next day might not be the best method, because it leaves students at their desk late at night making them tired and weary the next morning. While learning and hard work are good things, a little slack on the reigns would be greatly appreciated.