Being overdressed is always best


Kori Degutis / Legacy Media

Junior Rowan Moncur works hard to dress her best.

Everyone knows the feeling of showing up to an event underdressed. It is awful and awkward, an event that should be avoided at all costs. Spending all this time preparing, doing your hair and makeup and throwing on a cute, casual outfit, just to show up and see everyone in their Sunday best.

I’ve only ever been underdressed to a specific event once and that was definitely enough. When I entered the room and everyone turned to greet me, I’m sure my face turned 50 shades of red. Wishing I had a travel closet to appease my apparel needs, I spent most of my evening in the bathroom.

Overdressed? I can deal. Picking an outfit a bit too flashy makes you the center of attention and the source of the above discomfort for others. It’s basically a win-win. You and I both know that compliments flying your way are a total bonus. Whether in the comfort of my own home or at a fancy brunch, it’s all the same to me. Looking my best is a must, so I don’t have to worry too much.

Kori Degutis / Legacy Media
Being overdressed a majority of the time helps boost confidence.

If you don’t feel the same about being overdressed, it’s a whole lot easier to lose clothing than to gain it. Wearing a tie? Take it off. Wearing too nice of a jacket? Lose it. Those earrings a bit over the top? Good thing you brought a purse. On the other hand, it’s very difficult to bring the fulfilling outfit pieces you wish you had thought to grab.

The fact of the matter is that it’s always better to be overly dressed. You can escape the all-too-fancy clothing, rather than wishing to summon it. There is not one place I couldn’t be overdressed.