Learn to lose


Olivia Borg / Legacy Media

Although losing can be a hurtful experience, it also carries benefits and helps improves athletes.

No one likes losing. Everyone wants to come in first. Second place is okay – third is pushing it. It’s rough to know that someone outran you, outswam you, outscored you.

Though, sometimes, it’s okay to lose. It’s okay to realize that someone else deserves the chance to shine.

We all know that one kid who is so “win-thirsty” and needs constant wins to feel complete. Let’s call him David.

At practice, David only has “friends,” not friends. He believes people do not like him because his successes are a threat. Talk about a big head. David wishes his teammates could understand what he craves. Little does he know, they already do, because no one likes losing.

What David doesn’t understand is that losing is not all bad. Maybe in the moment, yeah, but tomorrow is a new day. Losing every once in a while builds character. You have the choice to let it make or break you. Try to understand that loss develops sportsmanship skills and helps to make a stronger person and athlete.

I’m not telling you to love losing or to throw games or events. Just remember, everything happens for a reason. There will always be a chance to improve.