The “IT” Girls of the 2000s


Mary-Kate and Ashley doing a photoshoot.

Troi Bland, Staffer

         The set of twins who played on the iconic sit-com, “Full House” grew up to be the “IT” girls in the early 2000s. They had their own makeup and clothing line, dolls, books, and even their own TV show called “Two of a Kind” that lasted from 1998-1999.

         The two sisters first appeared on Full House when they were infants in 1987, and both played the role of Michelle Tanner. They were adored on set and around the world with their big blue eyes and golden blonde hair and even did interviews at the age of three. They were the cherry on top of Full House and stole the show with their famous catchphrase, “You got it, dude!”.  

         As they got older, their careers grew too. After Full House, Mary-Kate and Ashley starred in their first big movie, The Little Rascals. As they became teens, they starred in The New York Minute and started flying in their private jets. At age 15, Ashley Olsen had her first kiss on Holiday in the Sun. While still being in school, the girls still managed to balance their careers and education. They skipped their school prom to host SNL in 2004 and said it was a big decision.  

Along with being teens in Hollywood, many girls wanted to look like the twins with their high-fashion and expensive style. Unfortunately, it was rumored that Mary-Kate was suffering from an eating disorder and promoted anorexia to young girls. She turned it into humor on SNL by pretending to be paparazzi for a skit and yelled, “Mary-Kate you’re so skinny. Eat a sandwich!”. Later that year, Mary-Kate attended rehab and therapy and had an eating coach and in 2008, Mary-Kate was allegedly dating Heath Ledger, and was later linked to his death.

Backing away from Hollywood, Mary-Kate and Ashley wanted to focus more on their fashion. The twins even have their own brand called, “The Row”. Despite their clothing being high-priced, they still found a way to express themselves without being in the limelight.       

         In 2016, a reboot of Full House came to Netflix and America’s sweethearts were nowhere to be found. The first episode was the introduction of the Full House cast and Stephanie asked where her baby sister, Michelle was, only for Danny to respond that the twins were in New York running their fashion empire and turned to the camera with disappointment. They did get great reviews, but it wasn’t the same without their adorable, sassy little sister, Michelle.

         The twins got quiet and decided to take back their privacy by not owning any social media. Overall, their clothing business is still doing good but their sister, Elizabeth Olsen, took over by starring in Marvel movies. Mary-Kate and Ashley will continue to be the icons of the 2000s.