Ancient Curse Arises After Dark: Ghost Tours in Old Town Spring


Jules Cuarenta, Staffer

Located in Spring, Texas, Old Town Spring has a history that goes beyond its tourist attraction name. Dating back to the 1700s the Akokisa tribe, mainly known for its cannibalism, left a curse upon the land.

 Before Old Town Spring was established, it was a winter camp of the Akokisa Indians. After the Akokisas left, Old Town Spring has been a part of multiple shootouts from the railroad, criminals, but most of all, unexplained fires.

Old Town Spring is beautiful throughout the day, but once the sun starts to fade, and the cool breeze blows through, eyes of the past lurk your every step. There have been many sights of terror around every corner like sightings of a woman in an old well, disturbing paranormal  activity in an old home, a woman in her window, a morgue, disturbing cries for help, buildings being burned, bank robberies, a hanging tree, and haunted dolls. 

In July of 2020, I attended the Ghost Walk hosted by Penny Dreadful in Old Town Spring and still can not see the small town the same. To this day, I experience goosebumps when visiting certain sites.

At the beginning of our tour, we walked the dead streets while she explained the history of Old Town Spring. Our first stop was an old well that is said to be haunted by the spirit of a woman being killed by her husband. He had fallen to jealousy of another man and thought to kill his wife and dispose of the body by throwing her in the well. In the same area, an old, long, wooded home is said to have the most paranormal activity in Old Town Spring.

 The home was open to the public but residents could not manage to stay more than a couple of nights. There have been reports of a man, objects being thrown, and voices. This space is now closed to the public and has chains around the non-existent door to prevent trespassers. 

With chills down our spines and our eyes on the watch, we come across homes that have been converted to small businesses. These homes are not ordinary, they have been blessed and salted to keep any negative energy from crossing over the small bridge.

With continuous goosebumps and eerie feelings, she addressed each shop’s hauntings as we went out on a dirt road. On the outskirts of the main streets, we came across a morgue. This morgue  had been used for centuries and is said to be infested with spirits. 

With sadness and fear from the morgue, we make our way to another home that is said to possess people who stand on the front porch. The story of this home dates back to the 1900s of a possessed man shooting his wife then himself after realizing what he has done. While Dreadful was telling the story of the home the bravest people dared to walk on the small porch. In our group, no one was possessed or felt any sharp pains, but many could feel an eerie vibe when stepping near the home. 

As we walk back to the dead streets we come across what was once an old saloon owned by Charles Wunsche known today as Wunsche Bros. Cafe. This particular business is the most popular of the hauntings. For its opening, it was being used as a hotel, brothel, and saloon in 1902, then was sold to be transformed into a cafe in 1949. As time went on business was smooth till 2015 when it was reported to have been burned down. This is not the only building that has been burned mysteriously. 

Going back to the curse from the Akokisas, anyone who cuts down trees or builds upon the land has resulted in the businesses catching fire. Charles haunts the cafe by pulling small pranks, holding closed doors, fiddling with electronics, and moving items. Although he is a ghost, he is no threat to the employees but he has been spotted multiple times.  

Down the street is another historic building, Mallots, known for the bullet holes on the outside made from its robberies against Bonnie and Clyde. It is said to be haunted by past clerks who were working by hearing voices, seeing shadows, and items mysteriously going missing. 

As we make our way back to the starting point we take a slight detour to an old judge room, Doering Court. The judge who was in charge lived on the second floor and still haunts it, by sightings from the back window. Just behind the courtroom, a big tree stands tall with a gruesome tale. Dreadful described the history of the courtroom and tree with the hauntings behind them. The tree was once used as a hanging tree for prosecutors that would be condemned by the judge. 

Lastly, we finish up the tour stopping at the Doll Hospital which has major paranormal activity. Since the hospital repairs all types of dolls, those dating back centuries ago have spirits connected to them. An employee had a doll come in for repair when the vibe of the store changed. This doll bit the employee to the point it drew blood, pushed her down the stairs and would make noises like a little girl’s voice.

Overall, it was a fun experience that I would do again. It is great to go with a group of people who are interested in the afterlife and paranormal activity. There is a book, Haunted Old Town Spring by Cathy Nance, and an episode on the Travel Channel, Cursed Dolls of Old Town Spring.