Movie Review: “M3GAN”

Mia Trujillo, Staffer

“M3gan ” is a horror/mystery movie released on Jan. 6th of this year, earning $30.4 million in the U.S. box office. This movie has been the number two grossing movie of the year, which is unusual for horror movies. This movie definitely leans more toward a campy genre, and it’s earned mixed reviews.

This movie follows a woman, Gemma,  a toy maker who is left with her orphaned niece after her parents died. Gemma has no clue how to take care of her niece or kids in general, so Gemma makes M3gan to take care of her niece. M3gan starts to cause havoc.

Many horror fans thought the movie could be scarier since the film was taken down from an R rating to PG-13 when it gained popularity from the trailers and advertising. Mostly everyone else could care less that the rating went down.

There were a few moments in the movie when I laughed, considering how strange some of the things that happened in the movie were. But even with those moments, the movie still leaves you and the audience on edge, mainly because of M3gan and what the audience knows she’s able to do.

My opinion is that the movie was okay, I think the movie was marketed well, which is why so many people have watched it. I like that the film shows the more campy and goofy side of this concept instead of taking a serious tone. I think because of the more crazy and absurd things that happened in the movie, it slightly took away from some of the serious topics. I thought it was more creepy than scary, with the whole uncanny valley approach with the doll M3gan. M3gan is a bizarre and weird movie, but overall it’s alright.

Neither a thumbs up or thumbs down.

M3gan is rated PG-13 and playing in local theaters.