Alexa Play “Love Language” By Ariana Grande

Alexa Play Love Language By Ariana Grande

Stephanee Hartfield, Editor in Chief/Staff Writer

The way you love is an integral part of your personality and human development. The different styles in which a person shows affection are leading factors in topics such as compatibility, identifying relationship difficulties, and other issues. 

Similar to personality types, there are many different ways that love languages can be tested and quantified. The most common love languages are Words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, acts of service, and physical touch.

Words of affirmation can be compliments, reminders of love, or a simple “you’re doing great” in passing. A person whose love language are words of affirmation values being told they’re appreciated. They value most in life their partner’s opinions on what consumes their time, they’re the type of person who wants to hear how

spotless those dishes are they just cleaned. A partner who values affirmation is usually also quick to become emotional if they are degraded verbally. It’s important for anyone dating them to understand the weight of their words on their mood. 

Advantages: The smallest compliments will make them smile 

Disadvantages: Deep or threatening tones can offend them easily

Date Idea: A place where they can dress up fancy (so you can complement the outfit) or karaoke night 

A person whose love language is quality time would be most compatible with someone who understands how important it is you don’t watch that Netflix series without them. Getting an episode ahead of this person would be the ultimate betrayal and suggesting a rewatch would only make it worse. People who enjoy quality time

can be satisfied by a wide range of activities, but they’re most happy to spend time with their significant other. A partner with this love language would be happy to sit in silence for hours and be more focused on the aura of their partner rather than the activity itself. 

Advantages: a great love language for the average cheapskate, quality time SO’s don’t require an outing for a good time. 

Disadvantages: Require lots of attention 

Date Idea: Netflix and Chill date 

A person whose love language is receiving gifts loves all the finer things in life. This isn’t to say that the finer things have to be Louis Vuitton. People who enjoy gifts as a love language are equally likely to appreciate something personal and handmade or something expensive, and store-bought. A person who values gift receiving

is also likely to shower their SO with gifts as well. They are always looking for something you like and are paying attention to those boots you dragged yourself away from.

Advantages: They love surprises and are always going to appreciate what you give them, the thought is truly what counts 

Disadvantages: They put special importance on gifts that are given which can make shopping more stressful. 

Date Idea: Shop and Dash (take them out to a store, give them a budget and a time limit, let them run wild)

A person whose love language is acts of service is similar to a person who likes gifts, except this person would rather you take their plate to the kitchen. A person who likes acts of service enjoys a partner who has attention to detail and will know when they’re too tired to do simpler tasks. Acts of service can be anything from a

shoulder rub to shopping for groceries. SO’s who like acts of service appreciate someone who shows their affection by picking up their slack. 

Advantages: The smallest chores can have the biggest effect on their happiness

Disadvantages: Leaving them to do too much on their own makes them feel deeply underappreciated 

Date Idea: Stay home and cook, a joint project

A person whose love language is physical touch is all about body language. They distribute and receive energy based on physical touch. Most likely to be a hugger, an SO who values physical touch wants to be caressed and cuddled to no end. Partners have to be careful of harsh or fiery body movements like thrashing hands to

keep partners comfortable. 

Advantages: The quickest out of an argument is a hug 

Disadvantages: If you value personal space, they’re not the one for you 

Date Idea: Go learn the Tango

The way someone shows affection doesn’t have to stick to one specific category. It is more often for people to have different variations of love languages. These variations make up the individual way we show and perceive love.