Seniors Step Into College Planning Season

Emma Bohmann, Staff Writer

Senior year of high school is usually regarded as both the easiest and most stressful year of high school. After students apply and get accepted into their college, they have a lot more freedom with their schedules and grades. However, the stressful part is the time leading up to the acceptance into their college of choice. 

Almost everyone has seen it happen: the first-semester rush to apply to colleges and the second-semester senioritis. Maybe it’s even happened to you, but senior year is, ideally, a time to plan and look to the future with hope and fondness. Senior Travis Driver knows what he’s excited for in college.

“I’m looking forward to the environment,” Driver said. “I’m excited for how many people I’m going to meet hopefully, and the connections I make too.”

Although it is important to enjoy the community aspect of college life, it is also worth spending time thinking about what college offers for potential careers and paths of study. A big deciding factor for senior Serena Patel in terms of college research has been the availability of a decent business department. 

“I’m going into college to major in accounting and maybe finance,” Patel said. “A&M and UT and UH are my top schools, they all have a business program.”

Since there are so many factors to consider when choosing a college, being open to advice and assistance from parents, teachers, counselors, mentors, and other students is crucial to the process. Senior and color guard captain Camryn Grossie is looking to get a Bachelor of Science and Nursing; she has relied heavily on her mom for the decisions and challenges of college planning. 

“My mom is definitely the person to go to,” Grossie said. “I talked to her all about planning and scheduling. She knows what to do with money. She’s the one who led me through it.”

Even with the guidance of adults and peers, there can be speed bumps throughout the long road of senior year. However, any speed bumps can be easily avoided by steering clear of procrastination. Senior band member Kevin Tran offers this advice to anyone  beginning this journey.

“Make sure to do it early during senior year, because people tend to wait and that’s what’s causing people to stress out,” Tran said. “Because there’s the deadlines and all the financial stuff you have to take care of.”

Once the stress and procrastination that can come with college planning are out of the picture, it’s clear that there is much for students to enjoy about the process, even before moving out. Senior Timothy Dao has enjoyed the various aspects of campuses he’s gotten to see while on college tours that have led him to so much excitement for the future.

“It’s pretty fun and interesting just to see what you’d like to do,” Dao said. “You have fun experiencing the building, see what fits you best.”

Going into college, many seniors expect to gain a sense of worldliness and exposure to the sophistication that they didn’t get in their hometown or high school. It’s also important for these seniors to still cherish where they grew up and spent their final childhood years. They will always remember those who have helped them achieve their dreams and those who will be there for them long after their dreams have come true.

“It’s going to be like a fresh new start,” Grossie said. “But I’m going to miss how much history there is. I love these teachers, and I love these people. I love this area, and, man, I’m never going to have anything just like it.”