Beauty Triumphs at Klein ISD Cosmetology Showcase


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Press Release

The Klein ISD Cosmetology Showcase was held Thursday March 27, 2014 at the Klein ISD Multipurpose Center. Cosmetology is a two-year program in which students may earn a license and begin a career in the beauty industry upon competition of high school. While in the program, students learn about hair design, skin care, makeup, nail care and how to operate and run their own business. All four Klein ISD high schools participated in the event which was open to the public to view student projects. During the event, a live skill competition was held and included categories such as an up-do, nail art and fantasy make up.

Click here to view photos of the day’s event.

Student Projects

Project – Mannequin Fantasy Style
Chelsey Ochoa  KLEIN FOREST  1
Kim Mccarthy  KLEIN COLLINS 2
Isaura Zamorez  KLEIN FOREST 3
Anthony Guarino  KLEIN COLLINS 4
Kassandra Areco  KLEIN OAK 5

Project – Mannequin Fantasy Perm
Sabrina Daniels KLEIN COLLINS 1
Alea Hedspth  KLEIN FOREST 2
Luz Ramos  KLEIN OAK 3

Project – Mannequin Upstyle
Rachael Doucette  KLEIN COLLINS 1
Maria Campos  KLEIN FOREST 2
Dorrie Alanis  KLEIN HIGH 3
Leah Linares  KLEIN COLLINS 4
Darian Gibbs  KLEIN HIGH 5

Project – Nail Art
Katie Dempsey  KLEIN COLLINS 1
Jessica Luong  KLEIN COLLINS 2
Angie Quiroz  KLEIN FOREST 3
Kelsey Chapa  KLEIN COLLINS 4
Katherine Mejia  KLEIN COLLINS 5

Project 3D NailArt
Ivonne Quintanna  KLEIN FOREST 1
Saja Anderson  KLEIN FOREST 2
Valerie Alegria  KLEIN HIGH 3
Hannah Herbert  KLEIN COLLINS 4
Maureen Trivino  KLEIN HIGH 5

Salon Project
Sarah Davis  KLEIN COLLINS 1
Dorrie Alanis  KLEIN HIGH 2
Julia Schmitt  KLEIN HIGH 3
Maddy McGahen  KLEIN HIGH 4

Student Skills Competition

Skills Competition UpStyles
Hannah Herbert  KLEIN COLLINS  1
Isuara Zamorez  KLEIN FOREST 2
Alajandra Matinez KLEIN FOREST 3
Kelly Gentempo  KLEIN FOREST 4
Leah Linares  KLEIN COLLINS 5
Jacquelyn Gonzales  KLEIN FOREST 6
Luz Ramos  KLEIN OAK 7
Stephanie Cantu  KLEIN FOREST 8
Keanu Clark  KLEIN FOREST 9
Nicole Elizardo  KLEIN OAK 10

Skills Nail Art
Ivonne Quintana  KLEIN FOREST 1
Julie Ngyuem  KLEIN FOREST 2
Kassandra Arceo  KLEIN OAK 3
Angie Quiroz  KLEIN FOREST 4
Valerie Alegria  KLEIN HIGH 5
Maureen Trivino  KLEIN HIGH 6

Skills Fantasy Makeup
Elle Lampton  KLEIN COLLINS 1
Jayme Hamilton  KLEIN COLLINS  2
Kinzie Marlowe‐Mattson  KLEIN OAK 3
Kristal Rodriguez  KLEIN OAK 4
Anthony Guarino  KLEIN COLLINS  5
Mel Parker  KLEIN COLLINS  6
Ashlyn Brown  KLEIN OAK 7
Brittany Sanchez  KLEIN OAK 8
Roxanne Villagomez  KLEIN FOREST 9
Brenda Bocenegra KLEIN FOREST 10

Cosmetology Exam
Roxanne Villagomez  KLEIN FOREST 1
Jasmine Van  KLEIN OAK 2
Anthony Guarino  KLEIN COLLINS  3
Kinzie Marlowe Mattson  KLEIN OAK 4
Dorrie Alanis  KLEIN HIGH 5