Economics teacher wins district-wide weight loss competition


Economics teacher Andrew Grimm lost 56 pounds to win the title of “Biggest Loser” for KISD.

Megan Parman, Editor-in-Chief

Over the course of three months, Klein ISD has challenged employees to compete in a district-wide “Biggest Loser” weight loss competition. The contest was sponsored by the Kleinwell Program, an employee wellness program that aims to improve and prolong the lives of employees.

Economics teacher Andrew Grimm initially got involved in the competition for the prize money but ended up losing 56 pounds, over 20 percent of his total body weight and was named the Biggest Loser at the conclusion of the 12-week competition.

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“I was getting too fluffy,” Grimm said. “I felt confident that I could lose the weight. I was hopeful, but not sure.”

Although the motivation of the prize money kept Grimm focused on his goal, he did encounter a few challenges including his love for jelly beans and pizza, which he overcame by rewarding himself with jelly beans on Sundays.

Grimm’s advice to anyone trying to lose weight is to start with small changes in eating and exercise habits and reward progress every once in a while.