KC alumni come back with advice


Deanna Green / Legacy Media

In hopes of helping current seniors, several alumni returned to share their stories of their college experience and offer advice.

The school’s seniors now have a better viewpoint of college now that some alumni have come back with helpful tips. All seniors met in the library during their English classes on Jan. 8 to get a whiff of college air. Librarian, Madeline Almquist, and counselor, Laura Wendt, provided breakfast, lunch, and a gift card for the visiting students. There were 11 students that came from colleges as close as the University of Houston and as far as Rice University. There were three students from the University of Texas, two from the University of Houston, and the others attended Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Baylor University, Abilene Christian University, Rice University and Texas State.

“We’ve been doing this for as long as I’ve been here and I’ve been here for nine years”, Almquist said. “We provide breakfast, lunch, and a gift card that the library funds.”

The alumni provided useful information as simple as time management and as complicated as finances. A couple of alumni were willing to give the best advice that they wish they would’ve had when they were seniors here.

“College is a new chapter in your life with new people meaning new influences so try to stick to your morals and values”, sophomore at A&M University Sarah Patron said. “Just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t mean you’re obligated to do so as well.”

One alumni in particular said he wish he could’ve told his senior-self this advice two years ago.

“90% of college is filled with studying, figuring out whether to hang out with friends and finding something to eat”, sophomore at University of Texas Nathan Sulapas said. “So, try to find your own way of organization.”