School takes first place prize in ‘Graduate for Más’ contest


Hanna Enkelmann / Legacy Media

According to their website, ‘Get Schooled’ is a national non-profit founded on the belief that students themselves have the power to improve their future if given the right information and motivation.

After receiving multiple phone calls from John Dvorznak from Huddle, Inc., a graduation countdown clock and a box of information about the Graduate for Mas initiative, Klein Collins administration decided participating in the initiative was a good idea and we would give it a shot.

Counselor M’Lee Brooks facilitates the challenge here along with Principal Randy Kirk.

“We weren’t sure that we would actually get in the top places in the contest, but as we watched the school move up on the leaderboard, we realized we might really be competition,” Brooks said. “We ended up winning the first round.”

Klein Collins is currently in first place for the second round of the competition.

“We need more students to sign the pledge,” Brooks said. “We also need more students to complete certain activities to earn points for the school.”

Sarah Williams is the senior student ambassador for the program and pushes the importance of student participation.

“It’s about getting people to pledge to graduate,” Williams said. “Graduate for Mas is a great organization that helps students realize their futures.”

For winning the first round, the school received $5,000 and will receive a dance party on a date that has not yet been released. If we place first in the second round, the campus will receive $10,000 and a celebrity principal. Prizes are also given on an individual basis.

“We have students who have received gift cards, books, shirts and play station vitas” Brooks said. “Some students are even saving up their points for things like PS4’s and autographed NFL jerseys.”

The Graduate for Mas program offers much more for students than prizes and a promise to graduate.

“By utilizing the activities on the Get Schooled website, students are learning about colleges and careers in a very unique and fun way,” Brooks said.