New Science National Honor Society created

Senior Eshaan Patel participates in a lab in his AP Chemistry class.

Lauren Steagall / Legacy Media

Senior Eshaan Patel participates in a lab in his AP Chemistry class.

This September the science department introduced the Science National Honors Society. Students must apply and have at least taken one advanced science course in order to receive admission.

Biology teacher and head of the organization Kimberly Moore said how students were responsible for the idea of starting a Science National Honors Society.

“I had a group of students who wanted to start this program,” Moore said. “They looked into it and we created it.”

Senior Faizaan Jiwani said what sparked the interest of joining and whether the activities they do relate to their grades.

“I joined because I love science, it’s one of my favorite subjects,” Jiwani said. “You need good grades to be in the club, but we don’t do any activates that relate to our grades.”

Members are inducted into the society which has an induction ceremony similar to that of the National Honors Society.

“The society is new but we will go to elementary schools and demonstrate to the fifth graders,” senior Reagan Meachem said. “It’s not a huge time commitment, we go for a few hours a month.”

Moore said members can receive volunteer hours but not always having to do with science.

“Students can put in volunteer hours but they don’t have to volunteer for science related activities,” Moore said. “We are learning as we go and I’ve had over 100 applicants.”