After Collins


Amir Malcolm / Legacy Media

The Mr. Collins Pageant is an annual tradition.

After taking into consideration the talent and interview portions of the pageant, senior Cecil Van Lare, representing the Tiger Repair Center, was declared the winner of the Mr. Collins Pageant on Feb. 11.

“I’m very happy and humbled,” Van Lare said. “I wanted to do this so that I could have to opportunity to represent my friends and my family.”

Van Lare also won the “Smoothest Moves” category after dancing for the talent portion.

“I prepared for about a month,” Van Lare said. “It took a long time to decide on a song.”

Other winners included senior Jeremy Ray, who won third place and “Gorgeous Grin”, senior Jacob Cooper-Bennett, who won second place, and senior Ralph Lee who won Mr. Congeniality.

“I really liked the outcome,” Lee said. “I expected to win Mr. Congeniality.”

Student Council put on the annual event and considered the show a success, according to sponsor Rob Dombrowski.

“I thought it was the smoothest and funniest one yet,” Dombrowski said. “Our goal for next year is to have even more contestants.”