Library Renovation Brings New Technology

Interactive technology, furniture gives students more options, diverse ways to learn


Brooke Townsend

While using the new library technology, senior Kevin Huang doodles a heart. “I like the new technology because it is more interactive and visual,” Huang said.

Kaitlin Junek, Staff Writer

During the summer, the library was renovated with funds from the Transformation Committee. The library was chosen for renovations by a committee on campus.

“Mrs. Moore and some of the other teachers were selected to serve on the committee and we are thankful they also chose [our library],” librarian Dianne Moynihan said. “It took quite some time, but I couldn’t be more thrilled with what has been done.”

The renovations include three new interactive boards and furniture. There are also more versatile ways available to learn in the library.

“I really like the new seating, freshman Teslyn DeLeon said. “It gives [the library] a more comfortable touch, and really makes it feel like home. I am a very interactive learner, so having the interaction aspect added to the library has been helpful.”

There is a grant pending to buy exercise bikes to put in the library, according to librarian Taylor Glover.

“We also put in a grant to get bikes,” librarian Taylor Glover said. “[They are] for those who like to stay moving when reading or learning.”

Moynihan and Glover said that the renovations have made the library atmosphere more positive and they hope to be able to make the library into a productive output of learning for the school and organizations on campus.

“There have already been more than 2,500 students who checked into the library within weeks of the library being [re-opened].” Glover said. “The idea of a library has changed, and so has the idea of a librarian.”

The library renovations are not complete yet, but will be finished by the end of the school year, according to Moynihan and Glover.