TAP Relocating, Changing Activities


Viviana Camarillo

THIS YEAR, TAP will be hosting several competitions, including family feud, trivia and broomball.

Viviana Camarillo, Design Editor

As students look for their dream dresses and prepare elaborate promposals, there is an army of parents dedicated to giving their seniors a fun, safe and unforgettable night.

Tigers After Prom (TAP) is a parent-sponsored event that is held after the prom dance ends. Every year, parents of the senior class rally together to organize TAP.

“There is a tremendous amount of time and energy that goes into it,” TAP booster parent Tina Lester said. “We start planning TAP the year before the senior class graduates, and we have to do all sorts of fundraisers and get donations.”

Parents and students alike are excited for the after-prom event.

“TAP is a creative and enjoyable way to have fun with friends,” senior Jorge Martinez said. “It is the perfect way to start our last summer together.”

For the last couple of years, TAP has been hosted on campus, but because of funding issues, the venue had to be moved. The TAP Booster club decided to move the party to Incredible Pizza.

“It takes a tremendous amount of money to hire all the different people who come, such as a magician and hypnotist,” Lester said. “The amount of money we needed was not raised this year.”

The parent booster club debated on what would ultimately be best and most enjoyable for the students. The conflict arose of whether to have less activities and keep it at the school or to take it off campus and provide students with more options.

“We decided that the best thing to do is take TAP off campus,” Lester said. “We hope that the students will have just as much fun there as they would at the school.”

Several students have been worried about the venue change, but because of the new location, students who attend TAP will have access to go-karts, glow in the dark golf, laser tag and unlimited game tickets. Also at TAP, there will be a full casino, unlimited food and an all-new escape room.

“I was worried at first when I heard TAP was going to be at Incredible Pizza,” senior Romaia Guidry said. “But then I realized that it’s your friends and your attitude that will determine how fun it will be.”