Harvey Hits KC

Emma Caldwell, Staff Writer

The drama department brought the play “Harvey” to life on Sept. 21-23 and 28-30 in the auditorium for their first production of the school year.

“I didn’t know the show at first,” senior and leading role Hayden Cox said. “I went home and told my parents, and of course they knew it because it’s this really old movie. So I purchased the movie and watched it, and I fell in love with it.”

Cox played the character of Elwood P. Dowd, a man who befriends a six-foot tall rabbit which viewers eventually come to find is only visible to him. The play continues to follow Dowd’s journey as he experiences the ups and downs of having a friend only he can see.

“Harvey is a classic comedy, and we have tried to find shows that are good, solid performance shows,” theater teacher Robin Welch-Wood said. “A classic comedy like this is. It also had characters that we thought our students could portray.”

In the play, there were more students in the show than just the ones seen on stage. There was the crew: the students who run the show behind the curtains. The crew does the lighting, sound, costumes, stage management, props and set.

“Getting to communicate with everybody is a lot of fun for me because I know most about what’s going on,” senior and stage manager Kylie Zochert said. “It’s really nice to feel that I can be there for everybody, and people can come to me if they have issues.”

According to Cox, Harvey is “such a cute story, and it has such likeable characters.”

“Harvey carries a beautiful message about community and the importance of family and friendship,” Cox said. “Audiences will walk out of the theater and appreciate the incredible friends they have.”