Finals Only Worth 10% This Year

Elena Mexicano, Staff Writer

This year, semester finals are only worth 10 percent of students’ semester grade, adding to the differences in grading periods from last year. 

“[Finals] help the teacher determine what essential knowledge was not mastered by 70 percent or greater so as to help drive instruction for the following semester, or to help provide personalize instruction for student who are struggling,” Pre-AP English 2 teacher Amber Wallace said.

According to sophomore Lillian Kim, in comparison to finals being worth 16 percent last year, the difference in grade weight has reduced tension that students may have.

“For a lot of people, finals are usually stressful because one test could make or break your entire grade,” Kim said. “Having less of an impact towards your overall grade could reduce stress and pressure.”

According to sophomore Marie Valles, even though the 6 percent weight drop has been beneficial, it is still essential to do well.

“It’s like a slight burden being taken off of your shoulders,” Valles said. “[It] doesn’t mean I won’t work as hard, but it gives a sense of relief.”

According to Kim, finals signify more than just a percentage of students’ grades.

“Finals should be a review of what we already know,” Kim said. “[Finals are] a reminder that everything you learn throughout the semester is something you should take note of and remember.”

According to Wallace, she has a possible idea of what the reasoning is for the change in finals’ grade weight percentage.

“I believe that this was a board decision that went with the decision to go from six six-weeks, to four quarters.” Wallace said.