Job Shadow Day 2018

Emma Caldwell, Advertising Manager

To prepare for their future in the business world, select students will participate in job shadow, a program that takes students to job sites and give them a real-world experience.

The school provides job shadow for students every year, taking them to local businesses like Exxon, Gordon Food Service, Best Buy and Precinct 4. Job shadow will take place Feb. 15, during school.

“I think students should do job shadow because it gives them an idea of what the work world is going to be like,” child development teacher Ashley Hayes said. “It gives them an insight on different positions that are available in different companies.”

When students apply for job shadow, they state the jobs they are interested in. The teachers in charge of putting everything together then pair students with a job based on what they include on their application.

“My experience with job shadow was great,” senior Max Maisonneuve said. “It opened my eyes to new jobs I never would have even thought about before. The employees who were talking with us showed passion for their jobs, which got me excited to go into the workforce and follow something I am passionate about, even if it wasn’t the job that I shadowed.”

At the job site, students are taught how a workplace operates and shows employee responsibilities.

“Job shadowing has helped me by showing me the different aspects of the job as well as helping me with speaking,” senior Daniel Tahin said. “It also helped me by knowing if it’s what I want to do with my life.”

According to Tahin, job shadow day gives students an opportunity to talk with current employees and learn new information.

“Students should participate in job shadow because it will give them a chance to think about new jobs they haven’t thought of before,” Maisonneuve said. “It can also help them to rule out a potential job they thought they’d be interested in but ended up not enjoying.”