Intent-ions to be signed


Trinity Ramm

Athletes prepare to sign and speak to the student body about their thanks and excitement to sign to their respective colleges.

Trinity Ramm, Staff Writer

National Signing Day is an annual event that takes place all across the country where athletes commit to colleges on Feb. 7. This year, 35 athletes signed their Letters of Intent during seventh period on this day.

“Those who are able to adapt and adjust to the college lifestyle will always have an advantage,” athletic director Andrew Svoboda said. “They need to be able to practice good time management and stay on track academically.”

For many students, one of the deciding factors when athletes are making the choice on where to go to school is the morals and values of the coaching staff. Senior Gabriella Felkins took this in consideration when deciding to play basketball at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, Georgia.

“I knew they would push me in place where I lack motivation, and I knew that I could help continue to grow in the program,” Felkins said. “The coaching staff considers everyone as family, and they make sure everybody gets along to keep positivity within the program.”

On Signing Day, athletes take the advice of parents and coaches alike. For senior Matthew Hickey, his parents’ advice was one of the deciding factors in choosing Texas Lutheran University to play baseball at.

“People were telling me to follow my heart and whatever God told me,” Hickey said. “They said that He would show me the right place. When I got there, it felt like the right place, and I went with it.”

Playing two sports throughout high school, senior Thomas “Jackson” Loftin made the decision of going somewhere close to home at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas after receiving offers from Northwestern State, Texas State and Oregon.

“I chose Sam Houston opposed to other schools because some of them were just too far away and I didn’t like the coaching staff as much at the others,” Loftin said. “[The other schools] didn’t have as good of a program as Sam Houston.”

For many, college is known to be a difficult choice to make, and it becomes even harder when sports become involved. These players and others will sign their Letters of Intent to attend their respective colleges and universities.

“The level of expectation and competition will increase dramatically,” Svoboda said.  “Everyone on their team was an ‘all star’ in high school. Those who can’t keep up get left behind. Always remember, your college coaches are always trying to bring in better talent than what they currently have on their team.”