College Night to be Held Oct. 9

Kristen Conklin, News Editor-in-Chief

The school district’s annual College Night event will be held on campus for the first time Oct. 9 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. More than 100 schools from across the country will be present to talk to students and parents about college.

“Students and parents are encouraged to visit with college reps to gain as much knowledge and information regarding admissions, campus life, and major interests,” counselor Kristen Brady said. “Informational sessions are also held in order to provide details over financial aid, first year college student tips, college entrance exams, and the college application process.”

According to Brady, attending events like College Night can “play a huge role” in helping students determine their education paths after high school.

“[Students] will get to meet reps and make a face to face connection with the people who are reviewing their applications,” Brady said. “Students might even find out information about a college they didn’t know about and gain additional interest. Exploring options is the best opportunity for all students.”

The information given at College Night would be most helpful for upperclassmen, according to sophomore Hiba Faruqi.

“It would be beneficial if juniors and seniors attended College Night,” Faruqi said. “While seniors are the ones who have the more immediate requirement of finding out what their college plans look like, juniors would really benefit by having that kind of information exposed to them early on.”

In addition to the more than 100 colleges in attendance at College Night, different military branches and two-year colleges will also be present.

“Whether students are interested [in going to college] or not, they should go to College Night just for the experience,” senior Jaelen Lou Sandoval said. “Everyone has questions about college and how everything operates, so attending College Night is the best way for students to learn more about their futures.”

Attending College Night is only the first step students take toward higher education. After the event, students should begin filling out the university’s application, according to Brady.

“Then, make sure you submit your SAT and/or ACT scores,” Brady said. “You’ll need to request an official transcript from Ms. Silva in the counseling office for $2 each. Lastly, make sure you fill out the FAFSA to apply for financial aid along with applying for scholarship opportunities.”

The district will also hold a “Paying for College Night/FAFSA Informational Night” at the Klein Multipurpose Center Oct 30. For additional updates and information, visit the district’s Facebook and Twitter.