Life 40 Readiness Class Delivers Coffee to Teachers


Trinity Ramm

The Life 40 Readiness class delivers coffee upstairs on Tuesdays and downstairs on Thursdays.

Ryan Turner, Copy Editor

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning, the Life 40 Readiness class delivers pre-ordered coffee to teachers around the building. This coffee cart business is meant to teach the students how to make money and form social skills.

“We wanted to create something on campus that would increase their vocational skills, so that was the big push for it,” Life 40 teacher Camille Brown said. “We’ve had so much business, meeting people [and] forming relationships with teachers around the building.”

Brown has been working on this idea for “a couple of years,” but was not serious about it until this summer. The idea behind the business, according to Brown, is to try something new and make some money.

“A lot of students need opportunities that aren’t offered in schools,” Brown said. “[They need] to be proud of something and learn valuable skills.”

According to Bailey Hooper, Jouda Bardales and Robert Everett, some of the students in the class who sell the coffee, it has been a learning experience. Bardales said that it “helped me make money and be friendly.” And, according to Hooper, it has also been enjoyable.

“[I like] pushing the coffee cart, talking to people and handing out the cream and sugar,” Hooper said.

The Life 40 Readiness class delivers coffee upstairs on Tuesdays and downstairs on Thursdays during second or third period. According to Everett, this has been good for him and for the teachers who buy the coffee.

“They [the teachers] feel happy,” Everett said. “[And] I learned how to greet people and how to make money and balance a checkbook.”

According to Brown, the coffee cart has been successful and the teachers enjoy getting their coffee every week.

“A lot of them tell me it’s their favorite part of the day,” Brown said. “They enjoy coffee and interacting with the students.”