Like Schools of Fish

Fish Fry gives freshman fresh start at KC


Halle Morales

A group of freshmen watch the seniors perform their group dance before the senior auction, which allows the freshmen to ‘buy’ a senior for a week.

Alexis Davis, Copy Editor


Klein Collins Student Council hosted their annual Fish Fry fundraiser Sept. 6 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. They celebrated the incoming freshmen with dancing, music, and the senior auction.

“Fish Fry is hosted by the student council because we [student council] are trying our best to make the Klein Collins campus one that people want to be a part of,” senior Rachel Thomlinson said. “We want to improve our school spirit.”

The Fish Fry gives freshmen the opportunity to gather with other students from their class and meet the outgoing seniors.

“It was fun to get together and hang out with everyone again,” freshman Ariel Gutierrez said. “It was nice getting to see people that I don’t see on a daily basis.”

The big event of the Fish Fry is the senior auction, in which seniors perform a dance and are then auctioned off to freshmen to be the freshmen’s “senior” for a week.

“Throughout the next week it was our job to do something each day for the group that bought us,” senior Carley Scott said. “For our freshmen, each day they were given a different gift. We also went and supported them at their football games. It was a lot of fun and I would encourage anyone who has the opportunity to participate in the fish fry to do so.”

Fish Fry is an important event to many people, from the freshmen creating memories to student council running the event.

“I remember four years ago when I went to the Fish Fry as a freshman, who did not know what was happening, but everyone told me to go anyways so I went,” Scott said. “I later remember having the time of my life and that night I told myself that in four years I would participate as a senior and get to enjoy the Fish Fry for the very last time. I did exactly that, and it was amazing. From the dancing to the laughing and the friendships made, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”