KC Food Services Implements New Lunch Line


Bailey Heaton

Students line up to buy lunch from the new line in the cafeteria.

Bailey Heaton, Staff Reporter

As our student body checked out for Christmas break, a new improvement to our cafeteria checked in. Near the dance room, administration and food services has implemented a new lunch line. This new lunch line serves breakfast and lunch for the student body and alleviates some of the traffic issues that are prevalent during lunches.

“The new line was created so that there are more options for the students and less being in the line and more eating,” co-head of food services Tewania Lewis said.

The amount of students enrolled at Klein Collins High School would be around 3,500. That means that there are approximately 1,167 students in each lunch period that have to buy their food, find a spot and eat all in around 30 minutes. 

“Over the last two years, we’ve noticed that there are exceptionally long lines,” assistant principal David Chaney said. “To try to help reduce the overcrowding over the main lines, we discussed and created this new line.”

This large student body leads to immense crowding in the cafeteria during lunches and especially long lines for those who choose to buy their lunch. With the new line, the traffic jams in the lunch lines are significantly less congested. Also, the addition of the new line allows for more variety in the food that is sold throughout all the lunch lines. The Asian food and the wings were moved from one of the previous lines and moved to the new line, opening up space for new options for the students.

“[The new line] is right there in the main hallway,” Chaney said. “And so at the start of each lunch, it does block one of the passageways by the stairwell over there.” 

Although the new line has increased time efficiency and reduced tardies, one of the pitfalls to it would be the location. The location of the new line has also been in question due to the population of the student body. The location of the new line is a bit inconvenient due to it’s blockage of the main hallway. Many students now have to weave through the line of students waiting for breakfast or lunch in order to report to their classes. 

“[The new line] is a more accessible line to get to, and so the other lines aren’t as long,” junior Caleb McGlennen said.  “However, you do have to walk farther to get to it and it looks kind of like a concession stand.”

Student feedback about the new line has generally been positive. They enjoy the new accessibility of the line, however, the distance can be a bit great. Many students agree with McGlennen on his views of the new line because depending on where a student is coming from, going to the new line can be a bit of an inconvenience, rather than just sticking to their usual lines. 

“The new line is doing very well,” Lewis said. “We’ve been tracking it everyday with the numbers…students have been noticing the line more and more everyday.”

Overall, the student body and the faculty have enjoyed the addition of the new line. Faculty and administration enjoy the line because it gets students seated faster, and students love it for the exact same reason.