Klein ISD Wins District of Distinction Awards


Alexis Davis

Klein ISD was nationally recognized as a District of Distinction by District Administration magazine for their Innovation Challenges.

Alexis Davis, Copy Editor

Klein ISD has been nationally recognized by the District Administration magazine as a District of Distinction for our Innovation Challenges. Districts of Distinction Program honors home-grown innovations in K-12 education – successful projects that were developed by visionary educators to meet the needs of their individual school districts and that have the potential to impact student success in communities nationwide.

“Being named a District of Distinction by a highly respected journal in the educational field like District Administration is a tremendous honor for our district,” Klein ISD Superintendent Dr. Jenny McGown said. “This national recognition for our annual innovation challenges showcases how Klein is at the forefront of innovative educational practices that give students authentic learning experiences by addressing real-world issues and collaborating with industry professionals.”

The District of Distinction award is just one of many awards Klein ISD and their schools have received. According to Dr. McGown, the award shows off the commitment of Klein ISD students and staff.

“The District of Distinction award is a testament to the commitment that students and staff have to thinking creatively and reimagining learning in our district,” Klein ISD Superintendent Dr. Jenny McGown said. “Students and staff are participating in design thinking and failing forward as they plan, research, create and refine solutions. This award recognizes the time and hard work that our students and staff put into these challenges and celebrates their extensive learning process.”

Everyone involved in Klein ISD is credited to winning this award, according to Dr. McGown, the District of Distinction award is “a victory for the entire Klein Family and community.”

“It’s remarkable to see the collaboration that happens among students from across the district as they collaborate and engage with each other, with educators and with industry professionals to produce creatively viable solutions to these real-world issues.”

To continue to drive the Klein District to strive for their best and continue to win these national titles, everyone has to play a huge role including Associate Superintendent Robert Robertson.

“This is certainly a team effort, no one individual did the work- we all did from staff, teachers and students,” Robertson said. “I have to ensure that my area of responsibility, facility and school services, supports classroom instruction in a manner that allows principals to be instructional leaders and for high quality teaching to occur in the classroom without distraction or disruption.”

Not only are the district leadership personnel proud of the districts accomplishments but so are all members of Klein ISD such as Klein Collins principal Randy Kirk.

I am super proud that KISD is named a National District of Distinction,” said Kirk. “It is an indication that KISD is doing the right thing for students.”