COVID-19 Update


A 3-D model of the novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19.

Trinity Ramm, Editor-In-Chief

Klein ISD officials made the decision to cancel classes district-wide for the week of March 16 – March 20 after they made the move to Hazmat Level 3.

Level 3 has been defined as “confirmed cases among students and/or staff” and an individual, not identified by the district, is currently self-quarantining with their family with a presumptively positive case of the novel coronavirus. 

Along with the canceling of school, ALL school events will be canceled. This includes any scheduled trips, UIL competitions, and practices. The district will also be providing any families who need meals during the canceled week with free meals via curbside pickup.

The next update from the district is planned for Friday, March 13 before noon central time.

For any past updates, future updates, and further details, be sure to follow the Klein ISD COVID-19 page and KC Legacy Press.

From those of us at KC Legacy Press, we hope everyone in the Klein Family remains in good health and we would like to remind you to wash your hands and face and to stay alert.