Texas Ends the Mask Mandate


Sophie Cortez, Staffer

On Tuesday March 2, 2021 Governor Greg Abbott announced the end of the mask mandate as well as allowing all businesses to return to full capacity despite health officials’ warnings. Opinions on the say were split with major criticism from other politicians and other officials, while others were happy to get back to a sense of normalcy.

On Wednesday March 3, Klein ISD consulted with their board and released a statement stating that they will be following health officials on the subject and will continue to require masks on campus at all times while being on the premises. This decision will remain in effect until further notice.

This matter has been very controversial with the Klein community as some people feel as though the state of Texas has followed the mandate officially since July 2 of 2020, over eight months ago, and things need to start getting back to “normal”. Since the start of the pandemic, people have considered masks to be redundant and unnecessary. Others have said that masks should stay on with safety being the top priority. 

After interviewing some Klein Collins students and hearing their take on the issue, what was gathered was that masks can be distracting, hot, and irritating at times, making them unappealing to some students. Most everyone said they would want the masks to be optional to accommodate for those who don’t find them necessary. 

“Masks should be optional at school, there are other safety precautions in place besides masks that have been working,” sophomore Jonathan Alas said. “Of course wear your mask around people who request it, but otherwise it should be a choice.” 

Alas went on to say that if someone feels unsafe enough to not be on campus due to the pandemic, Klein has offered an online option to accommodate. 

When Pro-Mask students were asked for their opinions on Abbott rescinding the mask mandate, the overwhelming majority spoke on how masks are needed especially at school due to the close proximity to other students and teachers. 

“It’s not fair to teachers who have to be on campus to be stuck in a room of students without a mask,” sophomore Janiece Chan said. You don’t know where anyone around you has been or been in contact with. It’s crazy to not wear one in school.”

As well as caring for the well-being of themselves, many students live with or frequently visit family members that have a high risk of getting sick or dying from the virus, making it even more important to stay safe and keep the others around you safe as well. Many people believe that Covid-19 isn’t as prevalent anymore, yet the average death rate currently is around 200 deaths per week. 

This issue is not as political but as simply a health concern. Masks can be uncomfortable and annoying, but at the end of the day, they have been scientifically proven to help reduce the spread of the virus. While opinions throughout the community have been rather split, it is important for every person to do their research and stay safe for their own well-being as well as the well-being of others.