Klein Collins Memorial Graduation


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Seniors gathered at an outdoor graduation on a football field.

Stephanee Hartfield, Staffer

 Klein Collins has planned a graduation ceremony at Klein Memorial Stadium on June 3. 

Last year, all graduations were canceled for 2020 along with prom for Klein Independent School District, causing seniors to find creative ways to celebrate the last of their high school years. Most students participated in drive thru graduations where car doors were used as shields and waving hands were the closest human contact available. The year ended with high school diplomas being mailed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

This year, the spread of the virus  has slowed and vaccines started being distributed about a month ago. KISD has planned an outdoor graduation to limit the spread of the virus.  Seniors are excited about this new development but as per usual, there are those who have expressed concerns.  It’s only fair to go over the pros and cons of this new age graduation to create a balanced argument. The pros of this graduation starts with it being stationed at Klein Memorial Stadium.

The stadium is right in KISD’s neighborhood and allows easy transit since most parents have traveled there before for football games. 

There will also be a livestream for family members who won’t be able to attend but want to participate in their student’s milestone. Also, two words, FREE PARKING, can graduating get any better than free stuff? No, no it cannot. The timing of graduation is also the dictionary definition of perfection. Summer will have just started, it’ll be in sunny June, and late enough in the day for parents and students to be off work and have enjoyed their evening plans. 

Now for the cons: there’s limited space in the arena and the amount of guests seniors are allowed to bring is also restricted. Masks are also optional, which is sure to cause problems. The stadium is big, but smaller than a usual stadium, which is going to cause parking issues. 

KISD has been trying their best to make students and parents happy during Covid this year. Nothing can be flawless but this outdoor graduation may be a way to make the majority happy, especially those who are experiencing their last year in high school.