Awarding Excellence Without Compromise

Faculty recognizes students who go above, beyond to improve day-to-day campus life


Graciela Martinez

Principal Randy Kirk signs the Top Tiger Award certificates for the January winners. “[The award] shows [recognition for] students that are doing things that are important to Klein Collins,” Kirk said.

Graciela Martinez, Webmaster

The Top Tiger Award was introduced this year and is given to any student that shows character, improves in academics or has done something worth being recognized for. This award is an opportunity for students at school to shine for the things they have done.

“As an educator, the ultimate goal is to see each student improve overtime and reach their full potential as an individual,” creator of the Top Tiger Award counselor Ryan Bailey said. “The award was created to recognize the efforts of students who made strides.”

A student must be nominated for the Top Tiger Award by a teacher, and the school’s behavior specialist Kelle McClay chooses each winner of the award.

“When the student wins the award, I call them into my office and I let them know they have won the Top Tiger Award,” McClay said. “I let them know who nominated them and what for. I put their photo and a brief description on what they did on a powerpoint that runs for two weeks during the lunches. [They are also recognized] on a the Klein Collins’ behavior specialist Twitter page, and we list their names on the school website. I also print out a certificate that Mr. Kirk signs.”

Winners of the award range from students who improved their grades, helped a sibling study or to even making the Israeli Defense Task Force. Sophomore Raymond Martin won the award for having a poem published in a book.

“I was nominated by Mrs. McClay for the award,” Martin said. “I brought my book to school one day to show everybody because I was excited I got published and she was one of the persons I showed. It made me feel good and happy to win the Top Tiger Award because you don’t win awards that often.”

The award is given monthly to an average of six to seven students. In the month of October, sophomore Christian Campos was awarded the Top Tiger Award for his honesty.

“I won the Top Tiger Award for turning in a camera that I found in a classroom,” Campos said. “It made me feel happy to win the award. I didn’t really care for being recognized, because I did the right thing and that’s all that really matters.”

McClay hopes that this Top Tiger Award will continue to provide an opportunity to recognize the students of this school.

“Everybody loves those affirmations, and I’d like to be able to give out those affirmations to students that are doing a really good job,” McClay said. “I would really like the award to be their encouragement or for it to encourage others kids who would like to be a top tiger.”