Stepping Up


Danielle Garza

Team captain Breanna Scott practices her routine. “Once we start moving everybody comes together and we get the crowd on their feet feeding off of each other’s energy,” Scott said.

Danielle Garza, Staff Writer

The bright lights shine upon the empty stage as the audience eagerly awaits the night’s show. Behind the shining lights and cheering crowd, the step team prepares for their performance with their ritual of pep talks and prayers.

The female step team is comprised of 10 girls from all grade levels. Students interested in joining do not need to have prior experience.

“Step steam is really fun and not too difficult,” junior Alexis Delaine said. “You don’t need to have any rhythm to join. It’s just a sisterhood that we have, and it’s all fun.”

This year’s captain senior Breana Scott, who has been on step team since her freshman year.

“By being the captain of the step team, I am responsible for not only myself, but also for my step girls,” Scott said. “I’m also responsible for decision making, problem solving, organization and insuring that we are ready to perform.”

The step team promotes friendly behavior and strides for academic excellence, they do more than just dance, they like to help the community in many ways.

“It is a place where anyone can go to find family,” step team sponsor Erica Ratke said. “We serve the community and will be helping Best Buddies on Feb. 11 with their Walk-a-thon. The team strives for academic excellence and even holds tutoring sessions for struggling members, as well as host monthly get togethers.”

Performing in front of large, noisy crowds can take the performance off-tempo, which is why trust is a key factor when performing, according to Scott.

“Being a team means that you have other team members to look at and guide you if you mess up,” Scott said. “And by being in front of the crowd, you just have to listen for when to go.”