New Student Council Sponsor


Trinity Ramm

Jennifer Modrzejewski (above) is the new Student Council sponsor after the previous sponsor decided to leave for family reasons.

Trinity Ramm, Staff Writer

English teacher Jennifer Modrzejewski is the new Student Council (StuCo) sponsor this year after the previous sponsor, Robert Dombrowski, left to take care of his family.

“Before I was at Klein Collins, I was a teacher at Klein Oak for nine years,” Modrzejewski said. “I taught English III, AP English III, Pre-AP English II, AVID and I was the sponsor of Klein Oak
Against Cancer (KOAC).”

Modrzejewski has never been involved with or sponsored StuCo in the past. According to Modrzejewski, she has adapted well with the members.

“I like to be sponsor for several reasons,” Modrzejewski said. “I like to be involved with the student body, I can give back to the community and it keeps me busy.”

According to StuCo president senior Hailey Wammack, this year’s workload is more rigorous and time-consuming than last year’s.

“I think that from last year to this year is more challenging and a lot more work for us,” Wammack said. “Mrs. Modrzejewski has definitely embraced us all. It’s a lot of work, but we’re having fun doing it.”

Modrzejewski does not want to make any major changes to StuCo this year. Although, according to Modrzejewski, she already has “a few binders full of ideas for StuCo” ready.

“I would like to see StuCo continue to grow into a true leadership program that is helping the community,” Modrzejewski said. “I think everyone is adapting nicely. Not all change is a bad thing.”

According to Wammack, for the rest of this year, StuCo wants to make sure homecoming goes over smoothly and will be setting their focus on the Mr.Collins pageant and other smaller projects this spring once homecoming season passes.

“We are planning on doing a lot of campus clean-ups,” StuCo member sophomore Rachel Thomlinson said. “We are also going to do a lot of teacher appreciation activities. We want teachers to know we appreciate their help reaching our goals. We also plan on working with community service organizations, doing fundraisers to help with the community and just trying to get people more involved in our school.”